• Demo version

    To access a Limited version of AutoChartist-WEB (15 signals per day for 15 days) for demo accounts click here

  • Full version

    To access the Full version of Autochartist you must have a live trading account with a deposit of $200 or more. Use you’re My FXBank login info in the box below or click here to access the AutoChartist-WEB directly with your AutoChartist login and password.

  • New Clients

    New clients, please open a trading account and deposit $200 or more, to access AutoChartist.

Market Signals are used by traders to estimate future price moves. By analyzing past "trends", or the general direction of price movements, our Autochartist software will supply you with Market Signals.

  • Identify quality trading opportunities and emerging trends in real-time.
  • Identify current trends.
  • Powerful and easy use.
  • Full version available free to Forex Club customers with deposits of $200 or more.
  • Free Demo version of Autochartist is limited to 15 signals per day and comes with our free demo account.

How it works:

Our technical chart patterns are strictly based upon the theory of market psychology, which has been researched, developed and trusted since the 1930's. The software identifies patterns and notifies you as new patterns emerge. Below is an example of how this software works.

Autochartist platform screenshot

As you can see, it identifies a pattern and tells you how strong it is.

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How to get it?

  • Demo version - 15 signals per day

    Login to your demo account and make at least one trade and our login instructions will be displayed on your screen in a few minutes. If you activate your ActTrader account, you will receive an email with your AutoChartist login and password.

    To access Autochartist-WEB directly from your browser, input your Autochartist login - click here.

  • Full version - all signals

    Open a live trading account funded with $200 or more. Once a deposit has been made, access My-FXBank to see your AutoChartist login details. Use this login to access the Software.

  • Existing Customers

    Existing customers will automatically receive access instructions in My FXBank, if your account balance is $200 or more.

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